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What is the Medical Tourism?

The Medical Tourism is known to be the set of medical services provided out of the country of the patients’ residence, nice foreign recreation combined with high quality medical care. Despite the medical tourism is rather popular to the date, the history of this term has begun more than one thousand years ago.

Since ancient times, the patients traveled for years in order to reach the faraway cities to be treated by healer whose skills were widely known worldwide.

There are various reasons making modern people to seek for the help of the foreign medical specialists…

The Medical Tourism is known to be a global industry

The Medical Tourism is known to be a global industry. To the date it is characterized by extremely rapid development and takes recognized position within the segment of economy in countries, where the health of nation has been selected in due time as the highest priority.


Why Doctor-IL?

  • The quality of medical care in Israel is known to be one of the best worldwide.
  • Medical treatment in Israel is not only of high efficiency, but also it stands for a pleasant recreation.
  • Diagnostics and medical treatment according to world standards applied to evidence-based medicine.
  • Highly skilled medical staff and advanced medical servicing in the best Israeli clinics.
  • Widest range of medical services based on implementation of the up-to-date technologies and equipment.
  • DOCTOR IL is hundreds of successful surgeries, accurate diagnosing, successful treatment of numerous cancer diseases, effective in vitro fertilization (IVF), etc.

Doctor-IL medical Tourism
 is a guarantee for your forthcoming recovery   

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